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How is the Price of Your Scrap Metal Determined?

Scrap metal can include anything from old metal fencing to cars, sheeting and everything in between. While many people may have a certain amount of scrap metal at their premises, few people realise that this could actually be sold to us here at Scrapco. However, figuring out exactly how much your scrap metal is worth can be tricky, as the value depends on a number of different factors.

Both international and domestic markets determine the price of scrap metal. The United Kingdom is one of the five largest exporters of scrap metal in the world, so it is only natural that the international prices charged will have an impact upon the price of scrap metal back at home. For this reason, we are constantly monitoring the latest rates so we are always aware of the latest pricing trends and can offer you the best deals.

As with many other types of goods, supply and demand also affects the price of scrap metal. When the market is flooded, the price tends to go down and consequently people who wish to sell will be offered a lower rate for it than when the demand for scrap metal is high, and vice versa.

Whilst we as a scrap yard don’t have a great deal of control over the prices of scrap, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive rates around, which of course is based upon the amount of metal you wish to sell.

We offer some of the best prices around for scrap metal and will take your unused and unwanted metal off you. We also purchase cars that you wish to scrap and offer a free collection service to make your life even easier! So, if you have scrap metal that is cluttering up your premises, contact us today and we will convert your trash into cash.