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New Scrap Metal Legislation Clamps Down On Illegal Firms

The UK has enacted the Scrap Dealers Act 2013 and we at Scrapco welcome this new legislation as it will help reduce metal theft across the country and also ensure that illegal firms cannot operate. If you are unaware of this legislation, read on to find out more.

The Scrap Metal Legislation

The legislation stipulates that scrap metal businesses now need a licence to operate. If the person or company does not have the licence, they can be liable for conviction. Individuals dealing in scrap metal can get this licence from their local authority.

There are two types of licence for scrap metal dealing, namely site licence or collector’s licence. If a firm has site licence, it can do its business at any site under the jurisdiction of the local authority. This license must have the name of the individual who has procured it and also identify the name of the sites, along with the name of the site manager for each location.

A collector’s licence is for firms that run a mobile scrap metal collection business. This licence too should identify the name of the licensee and the expiration date.

An individual can have more than one licence issued by multiple authorities, but can have just one licence per authority.

This licence can be issued only if the local authority is satisfied that the applicant is meeting the requirements of being a scrap metal dealer. The same also applies for renewal.

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 is due to come into force in October 2013 and without the relevant licence, no dealer will be able to collect scrap.

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