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Scrapco Metal Recycling Ltd
Paddock Wood: 01892 838185
Erith: 01322 342302

Scrap Metal London, Essex, Kent, Suffolk & throughout the UK

If you’ve got scrap metal, we’re interested!

Scrapco Metal Recycling Ltd is a specialist in purchasing ferrous & non-ferrous metals as well as end of life vehicles. Our in-depth knowledge of the market place is just one of the reasons why the company is one of the best in the South East.

We purchase all types of ferrous metals in all grades and sizes, which can vary from light iron, O/S and O/A, new cuts and cast iron to name a few.

The non-ferrous metals cover a greater scope, such as copper, brass, gun metal, aluminium, lead, copper/aluminium cable, VIR, electric motors etc.

All these metals can be collected free of charge by one of our specialised vehicles, but of course you are welcome to deliver yourself to one of our locations, where our scrap personnel will be only too pleased to assist.

If you’ve got any questions regarding our scrap metal services, please call your nearest depot today; we’d be happy to help!


Scrap cars, also known as ELVs (End of Life Vehicles) contain both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. However, before these metals can be recovered the ELV must have all potential hazardous materials removed, this is carried out in our de-pollution workshops. To find out more about our scrap car services, click here.

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