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Scrap Metal In Kent, Essex & Suffolk

Do you have Scrap Metal? We’ll Buy It!

Don’t hesitate to contact our scrap metal recycling centre here at Scrapco with your metal enquiries. We offer the best prices for scrap metal in Essex and specialise in the purchase of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. If you are wondering where to take to scrap metal and want the best prices from a leading scrap metal dealer in the South East, we are hard to beat.

Operating from three main scrap yards in the South East, we are one of the standout scrap metal dealers in Kent, with services covering the purchasing and selling of a wide range of metals, including materials such as copper, gun metal, aluminium and brass. We give you an honest price for end of life vehicles (ELVs) and from our long-established scrap metal yards, we service areas such as Kent, South London, Suffolk and Essex, offering excellent service and very competitive pricing.

Scrap Metal Dealers in Kent, Suffolk and Essex

Our family run business is highly respected and we have three points of contact for metal enquiries, so we’re perfectly positioned as a Bury St Edmunds recycling centre, a Dartford scrap yard and a dealer of scrap metal in Paddock Wood.

Whether you want to scrap a car or need to know how much for scrap metal materials you want to get rid of, please get in touch with our scrap metal merchants at any of our metal recycling centres.

Looking for scrap metal merchants in Essex, Suffolk or Kent? Top prices paid for:

  • Scrap copper
  • Scrap iron
  • Scrap steel
  • Scrap aluminium
  • Scrap batteries

Here at Scrapco, we are fully licensed by the environment agency and accept scrap metal from any customer, so don’t hesitate to contact any of our metal recycling centres and get a FREE quote for your scrap car or unwanted metal materials.

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Simply select a type of scrap, enter a weight and get a FREE estimate for your scrap right now! Then, contact any of our local depots for more details. You can find your nearest scrap car depot or click here to leave a message and contact us with your enquiry.

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