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Services We offer

Apart from offering scrap cars and scrap metal we also offer a range of skips from 4yd to 12yd and 20yd to 40yd roll on/roll off bins, all of which are supplied and collected free of charge.


Skip Hire

There are many situations where space is at a premium and the skips and bins are too large to accommodate, especially the logistics of placing them. Therefore, we supply metre square bins, either acid proof plastic, or metal for the more robust material.

SkipAuto centres or garages are an ideal example, so we have introduced tall upright mesh trolleys, to enable a greater volume, but still maintain the space-saving concept.

We currently have a nationwide auto centre which successfully uses this system and our tailgate vehicle exchanges the trolleys on a monthly basis as well as our scrap services. This service can be extended to other auto centres, garages and even other sectors not in the auto industry.

Drive In

Do you have scrap for sale? Then call in at your local Scrapco depot and our site team will purchase your metal at the best possible prices. We accept all types of metal, ferrous and non-ferrous.

Why bring your metal to Scrapco Metal Recycling Ltd?

  • All sites are fully licensed.
  • Full Compliance To Legislation.
  • Duty of Care transfer note with every transaction.
  • Guaranteed vehicle destruction.
  • DVLA certificate of destruction issued.
  • Polite and friendly personnel.
  • Best Prices Paid.

Scrap Metal BarsWe take in small or large quantities from plumbers, builders, electricians, waste recyclers, manufacturing, engineering and agricultural to name a few. Whatever the amount, we will pay the best price.