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Scrapco Metal Recycling Ltd
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Free Scrap Metal Collection Service

If you’ve been busy making home improvements it can involve a major clean-up operation afterwards. It’s simple enough to compost your garden waste or take the rubbish to the tip, but what do you do with any scrap metal that has been left in your hands? Loading up your car isn’t always practical, and not many people have access to a trailer.

The council won’t take it away, but we will. Here at Scrapco Recycling Ltd. we provide an efficient and professional collection service for containers, skips or bins, completely free of charge. If your car has come to the end of its life and given up the ghost once and for all, we can collect that from you too.

We are also one of the few junk mineral places that offers a free monthly collection service for small businesses such as garages and autocentres who accumulate scrap metal on a regular basis.

Our three premises are all fully licensed by the Environment Agency and adhere to strict regulations in the way that we deal with your scrap. If you have items that contain both ferrous and non-ferrous metals we will break them down and ensure that each component is disposed of appropriately.

We offer the best prices for all junk minerals, so if you have material that you are struggling to shift, why not make the most of our collection service in the Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent and Erith areas. Take a look around our website for more information and contact us to speak to a member of our friendly team.