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Scrap Metal Selling Guide

Knowing what to do or how much you’ll get when you get scrap metal can be incredibly daunting – prices are everywhere and regulations mean that you need to choose the company you sell to carefully. Our guide runs through some of the biggest FAQs our customers ask, and how the selling process could work […]


The Business Benefits Of Metal Scrapping

In today’s economy we’re all looking for ways to save money where we can, while at the same time lowering our environmental impact. The emphasis on reducing, reusing and recycling has been growing for years in Great Britain and abroad, and by scrapping and recycling metals we can do our part by not allowing our […]

Car Pile


There comes a time in every vehicle’s life when the owner has to regretfully call time on its lifespan. This can occur after an accident, an MOT failure or even just when the vehicle has reached such an age that a major breakdown seems imminent. If selling the vehicle is not an option there are […]

Car Line Up

Can I Benefit From Scrapping My Car?

The short answer is yes, if you’re looking at the options for your end of life vehicle it can be difficult to decide what to do, scrapping offers a whole array of benefits ranging from the financial to the environmental. Disposing of your vehicle shouldn’t be a hassle so trust a reliable and responsible scrapping […]

Metal Shavings

What Metal Can Be Scrapped?

Scrap metal and metal recycling are both becoming booming industries in the UK and throughout Europe and North America. A more educated modern society on the need to protect our environment is leading to an increased number of concerned homeowners beginning to put more thought and effort into their waste. Whilst most of us are […]


How Recycling Scrap Helps The Environment

We’ve read the leaflets, we’ve watched the news; we all know the benefits of recycling, why else would we spend our evenings separating our paper from our plastic in time for the weekly bin collection? But recycling isn’t just for domestic waste; here at Scrapco we offer a full metal recycling service, from your old […]

Scrap Metal

First Time Scrapper?

When your car has no life left in it, it breaks down, crashes, fails its MOT and the cost to fix it is more than the cars worth, it might be a good time to get yourself to a scrap yard. But if it’s your first time, there are a few things that you may […]


Free Scrap Metal Collection Service

If you’ve been busy making home improvements it can involve a major clean-up operation afterwards. It’s simple enough to compost your garden waste or take the rubbish to the tip, but what do you do with any scrap metal that has been left in your hands? Loading up your car isn’t always practical, and not […]