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How Recycling Scrap Helps The Environment

We’ve read the leaflets, we’ve watched the news; we all know the benefits of recycling, why else would we spend our evenings separating our paper from our plastic in time for the weekly bin collection? But recycling isn’t just for domestic waste; here at Scrapco we offer a full metal recycling service, from your old car to commercial waste, and we offer you the best prices for it. Metal recycling isn’t just a smart financial option for you; it also helps make the world a little bit greener.

Recycling scrap metal helps us all to reduce greenhouse emissions by using less energy than mining for metal fabrication from virgin ore; generally speaking the amounts of energy saved by recycling scrap metal is:

• 92% for aluminium

• 90% for copper

• 56% for steel

It also helps to conserve the world’s natural resources; recycling 1 tonne of steel conserves:

• 2500lbs of iron ore

• 1400lbs of coal

• 120lbs of limestone

And just think of all the landfill space saved!

When you consider the amount of metal we all use in our daily lives it becomes logical that recycling scrap is the only way forward; metal is an integral part of our worlds, from the steel foundations of the buildings we work in, to the cars we drive to our cans of drink, metal is vital.

At Scrapco we take care of all your metal recycling needs in Kent, South East London and Suffolk, domestic and commercial. For more information about our services contact us online or call us at one of our locations: Paddock Wood: 01892 838 185, Erith: 01322 342 302, Bury St Edmunds: 01638 751 974 and we’ll help you dispose of your waste the green way.